Basic Oxygen Therapy Kit

The Basic Oxygen Resusitation Unit

This kit combines the safety of securely housing the oxygen cylinder and regulator, providing a high degree of protection not only for the equipment, but also the paramedic and patient.  This unit has external strapping to secure it to the gurney, comfortable handles for carrying into most jobs and a backpack where carrying the kit a long distance is required.

Contents are stored neatly in the detachable upper pouch. The storage of various types of therapy masks and tubing is within the kit beside the regulator ready to be used.
No down time here searching for the right mask or tubing.

A self contained unit which can stand alone and provide oxygen therapy while strapped to the gurney. Water proof materials used, reinforcing internal rods for strength and the ability to add a pocket for CPAP if needed.

Side window pockets allow instructional cards, dosage chart for pediatrics and identification information for easy recovery if left behind.

(Note: contents not included. Regulator and cylinder can be purchased separately)