Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design of Emergency Medical Kits
Priority Care EMS kits employ an ergonomic shoulder sling with a pad that grips most materials and minimizes sling slipping from shoulder. It conforms to the shoulder curve and minimizes stress on shoulder and neck areas.

The Primary Response Kit (PRK) comes with a built–in  backpack harness neatly tucked away under a padded protective panel that remains in place even after the backpack has been deployed. This allows a single responder to carry another kit (ie O2 kit) and an AED monitor comfortably and safely.

The adjusting straps allow correct positioning high on the back, between the shoulder blades. This removes the stresses incurred when kits sag off the shoulders and sit on the lower back, placing pressure inwardly on the spine. The Primary Response Kit is both comfortable and ergonomically sound for EMS practitioners.


  • Over stocked kit
  • Foam material fails to retain shape
  • Shoulder is being pulled away from body
  • Arm is being forced to lever the weight of the kit
  • Spine distortion due to inward pressureand shape of kit
  • Specific gear placement minimizes over stocking
  • Rigid sides maintain ergonomic design platform
  • Shoulder is in correct lifting position
  • Weight evenly distributed – no stress
  • No lateral pressure causing any distortion

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